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OKR playbook

You start your OKR journey

You are interested in OKRs and you are looking for information, tools or templates to move forward.

We have what you need to start and improve your journey: blog posts, playbook, Excel OKR tracking template and OKR examples.

A playbook for your OKR program

We offer this support to define, structure and communicate your OKR program within your organization. It helps you think through all aspects of setting up OKRs before deployment.

We use it in our coaching as a support to define the OKR program with executives; as well as a communication support for the launch of the OKR program with the teams; finally as a reference manual for the whole organization.

This OKR playbook is the result of several years of OKR coaching.

An Excel OKR tracking template

Excel is a good tool to start or test your OKR tooling and reporting needs.

That’s why we have developed this Excel OKR tracking template for you. It includes company strategic OKRs and team tactical OKRs.
This is a starting point for you to customize for your needs.

A strategy template

A strategy template

A strategy template, to strengthen our game in the area of ​​strategy to improve our objectives and key results !

OKRs and strategy

OKRs and strategy

Stop confusing OKRs and strategy! OKR Method is part of the strategy execution and serve the company strategy.

OKR Cycle

OKR Cycle

OKR cycle will allow you to define and organize the life cycle of your OKRs in your organization. Set the medium-term and short-term goals.

Hypothesis in the OKR Model

Hypothesis in the OKR Model

In this article, we will see how hypothesis can enrich the OKR Model by helping continuous improvement and making better decisions.

OKR Examples

Explore OKRs Templates For Organization and Teams.
Check out our OKR examples for inspiration or use them to start your OKR journey with Rising Goal.

OKR examples

Support Positive Impact

Take your event to the next level

Maximizing its positive impact with our OKR support

We launched our “Support Positive Impact” initiative to help non-profit organizations. Find out how we help them maximize the impact of their events using OKRs.

Want to learn more about OKRs Software ?

We have written an article for you to better understand the ecosystem of OKRs tools and make the best choice for your business.

Don't know how to start with your OKR journey ?

You want to start your OKR journey but you don’t know how ?

Here’s a handy step-by-step guide to help you getting started with Rising Goal.


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