OKR Training For Teams

Want to start your OKR journey? Start an OKR pilot with a team?

Our OKR training for teams is a great way to learn the basics of the OKR method so that you can get started in practice.

OKR Training

OKR training for teams

OKR, for Objective and Key Results, is an agile objective management method. It creates the necessary link between operational agility, methods such as Scrum or Kanban, and the business agility desired for the success of the company.

These two days course will allow you to launch an OKR program, within your company, with one or more pilot teams.

Course objectives

  • Answer questions about the OKR method, its benefits, its challenges,
  • Master OKR concepts and practices at a team level,
  • Start an operational OKR pilot,
  • Improve its OKR implementation sustainably.

Course content

50% theory / 50% practice

Day 1

OKR Journey

Introduction to OKRs

Method & key concepts

Design your OKR program

Write effective OKRs

Guidelines & workshop

Performance management

Impact-Based Management

OKR cycles, tracking and scoring

Day 2

Effective OKR

Closing an OKR cycle

Assessment and continuous improvement

OKR Program Set Up

Start an OKR pilot

Tactics & implementation

face-to-face training

Change management

Guidelines & workshop

Course Highlights

OKR trainer

Certified & experienced coach / trainer

Founder of the OKR management platform Rising Goal

Design your OKR program

Course materials and templates

Course material

A free copy of our OKR book

Author of the OKR french book “La boite à outils des OKR

Next sessions

Trainer : Laurent Morisseau

Who should attend?

Agile / Product team

Agile / Product coach

Team leader

Change leader 

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On-Site Training


Looking to run an OKR course in-house? We offer the OKR Training for teams in English & French.

How to build OKRs?

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