Security Policy

We take our customers’ security very seriously.

This page covers key elements of our policy.

Security and Compliance

Your password is stored securely

We hash all user passwords. No one has access to the original passwords. Even if our database were compromised, passwords would remain secure.

We do not store payment details

We do not store nor process the payment. All payments go through Stripe. It is a leading global payment system. You can find details on their security here.

We secure transmission with data encryption

All communications between servers and client browser are secured. We use the industry standard SSL.

French Data Center

We have chosen Certified Microsoft Azure servers. They are located in France. They adhere to the highest security standard. It guarantee the protection of your data.


Our commitments : identification of data processing, validation of legal status within the meaning of the GDPR, identification of subcontractors, information of the persons concerned, ensuring data security and confidentiality.
All in accordance with state of the art.

We have secured our sensitive application data

All sensitive data are stored in a Microsoft Azure Keyvault. This include the database connection string, third-party API tokens…

Security and Compliance

High security standards for your enterprise data

Security and Compliance

  • Your password is stored securely

  • We do not store payment details

  • Secure transmission with data encryption (SSL service & API)

  • GDRP

  • Secure storage of sensitive application data in an Azure KeyVault

Goal management handle sensitive company data.

Thus, GDPR, data protection and security are our top priority.

For documentation about Rising Goal policies, please consult our Terms of Services and Privacy Policy. Form more information about our policy, email