OKR Coaching

Rising Goal, with its ecosystem of coaches, offers OKR coaching throughout your OKR journey, whatever your needs.

The benefits of OKR coaching

You have started an agile transition. You started with teams, then moved on to departments with agile at scale frameworks.

Despite this, your organization as a whole struggle to be agile. Difficult to implement a strategy compatible with agility. Its execution is not smooth. The priorities are not shared. Not only the roadmap looks like a long litany of projects, but also there is a lack of meaning among collaborators. Moreover the big picture is difficult to understand. Too many tasks are still being carried out in parallel.

You master the monitoring of agile projects. And yet measuring the impacts of your actions is a challenge! Whether it is the impact on your employees, your organization or your customers!

OKR Coaching

The Objectives and Key Results method is the tool you’re missing. In any case, if you want to move agile to the next level! Our OKR coaching helps you take this last step.

To conclude, it can be used for every part of your strategy : as much as for the business processes, as for for product or service strategy, or for organizational transformations.

OKR Training

As with any new management method, a foundation of knowledge and best practices are needed to get started. Our coaches also offer OKR training to help you started with the right information.

Our Global Approach

We support you throughout your OKR journey. We intervene from the first thoughts during your transition to OKRs. We help you design your program, then implement it with a pilot and finally deploy it throughout the company.

Assess your goal management needs

Assess your OKR program

>Not sure how to start?
>Want advices to get the most out of it?
>Need to reboot your program to get people to buy in?

We will analyze your situation in order to offer you a series of recommendations.

Design your OKR program

Design your OKR program

We help you define your OKR program. On this basis, we support you in setting up its governance.

Then, we train the teams in the OKRs method, adjusted to your context.

OKR Program Set Up

Launch the OKR pilot

The pilot begins with the design of strategic objectives then tactical team objectives.

We help you set up the tools.

OKR deployement

Roll out across the company

We support the start-up of each team, with your internal OKR referent. We help you during the monitoring the performance over several cycles.
We ensure the continuous improvement of the OKR process.

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Our Partners

Our partnership program

We have a partnership program with experienced coaches. This ecosystem of skills allows us to respond to all your OKR coaching needs for your OKR journey.

They will also help you get started with Rising Goal.

If you are an OKR Expert

This partnership may interest you. Want to know more ?

Share your stories with our audience. Contact us to discuss it !

The OKR Coaches

Laurent Morisseau

Laurent Morisseau

Senior Agile Coach & expert OKR

Certified OKR master from Betterworks


Next OKR course :
Paris, 13 & 14/12/2022

Emilie Esposito

Emilie Esposito

Enterprise Coach

Guy Lerat

Guy Lerat

Agile Coach & expert OKR

Blog Coach Agile Paris

Enseigner en mode agile : formation pour les enseignants et formateurs afin d’enseigner avec agilité.



Systemic Coach, OKR Expert, Master BlackBelt

PerforSENS, la performance par le sens

Philippe Paulus

Philippe Paulus

Coach et formateur Agile


Certified OKR master from Betterworks

David Desfougères

David Desfougères

Agile Coach & OKR

certifié OKR professional

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You start your OKR journey

We offer this support to define, structure and communicate your OKR program within your organization. It helps you think through all aspects of setting up OKRs before deployment.

We use it in our coaching as a support to define the OKR program with executives; as well as a communication support for the launch of the OKR program with the teams; finally as a reference manual for the whole organization.

OKR playbook