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We offer this support to define, structure and communicate your OKR program within your organization. It helps you think through all aspects of setting up OKRs before deployment.

We use it in our coaching as a support to define the OKR program with executives; as well as a communication support for the launch of the OKR program with the teams; finally as a reference manual for the whole organization.

A manual for your OKR coaching

This OKR playbook is the result of several years of OKR coaching.

It is not intended to be a training material, which must be more complete, although it recalls certain fundamental points of the method.

The success of OKRs is based on governance that gives a framework and a rhythm to the entire organization. That’s what this manual is about. But success also depends on the quality of the OKRs, which are difficult to simply formalize in a document. Coaching takes all its interest here. The coach helps you define and implement your program. He is responsible for training and can lead your workshops. But above all, it provides a keen eye and feedback on your OKRs in order to improve their quality.

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