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Our OKR playbook provides guidance and support for establishing and implementing an OKR program within your organization. It includes steps for defining, organizing, and communicating your OKR program, as well as best practices and considerations for successful deployment.

This playbook can be used as a reference guide for executives during the planning process, as a tool for communicating the OKR program to teams, and as a resource for the entire organization.

This support is in powerpoint format so that you can easily customize it.


The OKR playbook is no longer downloadable !

v2.1 – 01/26/2023

We have incorporated your valuable feedback to create an improved version. We appreciate your continued feedback, as it helps us to continually improve and enhance our OKR playbook.

V2.0 – 11/15/2022

This is already the second version of this support.

V1.0 – 04/27/2022

Initial version of this OKR playbook

A manual for your OKR coaching

Our OKR playbook is a comprehensive resource that has been developed through years of experience in OKR coaching. It is not intended to be a standalone training material, but rather a guide to the fundamental principles of the OKR method and how to effectively implement it within your organization.

The manual covers key considerations for establishing a successful OKR program, including governance, training, and workshop facilitation. In addition to providing guidance on these topics, our OKR coaches also offer personalized support and feedback to help you define and improve the quality of your OKRs.

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