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Engage Everyone

With collaborative & participative features

By nature, the ORK method is collaborative. The OKRs for each level are designed by the teams who are going to perform them.
But we offer features to go further in this approach!

Engage every one from the start
Design your OKRs

White board

To engage everyone from the start, we provide you with an online collaborative design tool.

No more switching from a whiteboard tool to your OKR system!

In short, try it now!

Ask for feedback

Ask for feedback

Setting great OKR is difficult, especially for a team without this skill.

Also, asking your colleagues for feedback allows you to improve your OKRs and validate their relevance.
It’s also a good way to align together.


Write Your Comment

Share your comment

Comment and share your feedback on the strategy and OKRs.

This participatory feature is a good way to set clear OKRs and boost engagement.

Align OKRs

Empower & align teams

With the strategy and OKR modules

Leadership team start with vision and strategy. Then, teams visually set and connect their own OKRs.

And finally, they propose the initiatives that will help them achieve their objectives and contribute to progress towards corporate goals.

Strategy model

Vision & Strategy

Rising goal offers a model for designing and communicating vision and strategy based on values, focus areas and goals.

You can decline this model at the level of the company, the department or the team.


Strategic alignment

Strategic Alignment

Our complete model (including strategy-ORK-KPI) facilitates strategic alignment. Teams can align their OKRs with strategic goals or corporate OKRs.

Additionally, you visualize the alignment in a graph to get an overview.

Initiative and Kanban system

Execute strategy

Take advantage of the initiative management features to focus on the right tasks.

For this, you will link your OKRs to initiatives. You benefit from a native Jira integration.

With OKRs & KPIs Management

We provide you with all the features you need to manage your agile goals within your OKR program. In other words, you will use the proven Objectives and Key Results (OKR) framework. Therefore, you will take advantage of its benefits:

Focus – Align – Commit – Track – Stretch

And this, throughout the OKR process, from the design phase to the end of each OKR cycle. Above all, everyone can benefit by setting the OKRs at the right level of the company.

OKR Model

Explore the full Rising Goal Model

OKR Examples

OKR library

We provide you with a library of OKR examples.

Firstly, examples help you get started. Moreover, it help to better formulate your OKRs.


KPI management


You need to ensure better alignment between business goals and performance. Therefore, the key results can be associated with KPIs.



OKR reminders

OKR Reminders

You receive weekly reports and required actions. This will help you keep your OKRs up to date. Of course, you can configure this feature.

Commit to success

OKR Performance Feature

With the OKR performance feature, you measure and monitor the right metrics. Those that have a real impact. Whether it be on your business performance or your process efficiency.
After that, your teams will develop a culture focused on impact.


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