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OKR Model

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In Rising Goal, we have choosen to provide an operating system from strategy to execution to have really aligned and empowered teams.

For that, we have implemented a full model with strategy, OKR and KPI concepts.

Rising Goal Model

The Rising Goal model

Strategy Model

The Rising Goal model for strategy

The Strategy Model

OKR is a framework for executing the strategy. To be effective, the strategy must be defined. We offer you a strategy model to formalize and communicate your strategy. And this, at all levels, company, department and team.

Learn more why strategy is important for OKR and discover our strategy template.

The OKR Model

The OKR model, according to the book, is very simple: objective and key results! But we offer you an enriched OKR model to accompany you all your needs and scale up :

From OKR cycle, to pure OKR model, enriched with hypotheses and initiatives.

And the objectives can be aligned with the goals of your strategy.


OKR Model

The Rising Goal model for OKR

Kpi Model

The Rising Goal model for KPI

The KPI Model

The KPI model is very simple. It is just based on KPI. A KPI can be kept under control. For this, we use the key results in a very light way.

And the KPIs can be aligned with the focus areas of your strategy.
Otherwise the KPIs serve as support for the key results and the assumptions of the objectives.

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