What's new in January 2022 in Rising Goal?

A selection of new features that went live since our last product release

What’s new in January 2022 in Rising Goal

Focus On OKR Design!

Those pasts weeks, we have focused on helping design of OKRs. We know as OKR coaches that this is the hard part of the job. And we know that almost none of OKR software are helping on that phase.

We have also improved the user experience. Finding the right balance to simply explore company OKRs. As well as finding the right level of information to share are challenges of a scalable OKR tool.

Let’s take a closer look:

The white board menu

Collaborative OKR design

Manage your boards

First, you can now manage easily your boards in the Design > Whiteboard menu. You can also start from an example from the OKRs library to find inspiration.

To work collaboratively, each team member simply enters the same board, à la Miro. But unlike Miro, you can publish your OKRs directly to share and follow them!

Manage your OKR boards

Enhance your board

We recently added the KPI in the whiteboard tool. Now you have all the objects at your disposal to explore your ideas for the next OKR cycle.

And you have more shapes and more connectors. Colors have also made their way into the whiteboard.

Design your OKRs

User Experience

Simply explore company OKRs

Thanks to Anne-Sophie, our UX designer, we have improved the user experience. We first focus on finding the right balance to simply explore company OKRs. And since taking the best decisions is our mission, we focused on finding the right level of information to share.

You have a clear overview of the ORKs in your cycle to track them and make the right decisions.

navigate cycle okrs
Do the right next actions

To help you make the right decisions, we have combined the confidence of reaching the objective and its status. For this purpose, the context menu of each OKR also offers you our recommended actions, so you don’t forget anything!

What’s new in January 2022 in Rising Goal

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