What's new in JUlY 2022 in Rising Goal?

A selection of new features that went live since our last product release

What’s new in July 2022 in Rising Goal

The whole organization is progressing at the same pace, simply

One of the benefits of the OKR method is to have the entire organization at the same cadence, progress at the same pace. Thanks to OKR cycles. To do this, teams must draft their OKRs, align with others teams, commit to the next OKR cycle, review their OKRs, retrospect at the right time.

It is one of the responsibilities of the OKR champion to support teams in this process. But on our coach assignments, we see those champions wasting a lot of times sending reminder emails to ensure everyone is on board.

But this is not their real added value! And yet this point is part of tracking, one of the 5 superpowers of the OKR method!

Let’s see how Rising Goal helps by automating these repetitive tasks:

What’s new in july 2022

Custom Recommended Actions

Rising Goal already has a recommended actions feature that notify teams and assignees to update their OKRs or initiatives status, add new values to their KPIs, or review their OKRs when necessary.

This new feature allows you to create your own custom recommended actions.

They are automated tasks to lighten the work of the OKR champion and to synchronize the teams and move the organization forward at the same pace.

Lets’ see in this short video how it works on a real example: the OKR champion set up a first OKR review three weeks after the OKR cycle is started. The notification is trigger only if no OKR has already been reviewed. It is an important reminder, especially with teams beginning with OKRs.

Watch the demo about the custom recommended actions

What’s new in July 2022


In our May release, we rolled out a team-oriented view to empower the whole team with the right information to make the right decisions.

From now on, the department level and the organization level benefit from the same view.

We are still working hard on the UX/UI of these views as we understand they are core to how you use the app. So, we are planning this update in our next release in September.


OKR Book

We are happy to announce the start of our new project: the writing of a book on the OKR method in partnership with the French publisher Dunod. This book will be in French.
More information to read on the blog of the author Laurent Morisseau.

OKR book

What’s new in may 2022 in Rising Goal

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