What's new in APRIL 2022 in Rising Goal?

A selection of new features that went live since our last product release

What’s new in April 2022 in Rising Goal

Gain efficiency by leading your OKR workshops directly in Rising Goal!

The co-construction of OKRs is in the DNA of this method. This is also our OKR coaching experience. Thus, we have developed the whiteboard feature, from the beginning, which can be used with the whole team. We have enriched this functionality to allow switching from the list of OKRs to the whiteboard in 1 click. And we have two use cases for using this feature: setting team OKRs based on corporate OKRs and reviewing team OKRs!

Let’s take a closer look:

From OKRs list to Whiteboard

Setting team OKRs based on corporate OKRs

First use case, the workshop for setting team OKRs

As an OKR champion, you must have facilitated this workshop many times!
Let’s say that the leadership team has already set the company’s OKRs for the year.
Each team is involved in turn. As a facilitator, you prepare a Miro-type whiteboard tool with corporate OKRs.
Then the whole team connects to the board, and off we go for a brainstorm session!
Once the magic is done, you need to write the final OKRs in your OKR tool so that the team can manage them.

Now, imagine!

Let’s say that corporate OKRs are already in Rising Goal. You select the current annual cycle to display them. And you switch to the whiteboard. Corporate OKRs are present.
The team joins you and everyone contributes to the creation of the team’s OKRs.
Once completed, the selected OKRs are published directly in Rising Goal. Better, from each OKR, you can return to this board and find the context that allowed their creation!

Review team OKRs

Second use case, the workshop for reviewing team OKRs

The quarter has started. Each week, the team reviews its key results. Each month, the team reviews its objectives. This is an opportunity to take stock, to share the level of confidence that the team has to achieve its objectives at the end of the quarter.
During this meeting, the team can identify new initiatives to achieve its objectives.
With Rising Goal
Simply switch from listing your OKRs to a review meeting. Then go back to management mode when finished. It’s as simple as that.


OKR Consulting

OKR Assessment

We have also developed an evaluation tool for your OKR program. You’re still wondering:

Not sure how to start?
Want advices to get the most out of it?
Need to reboot your program to get people to buy in?

We offer you a series of questions that we ask during our OKR coaching to understand your context and your expectations. But this is not an automated analysis!
Based on your answers, an OKR expert will analyze your situation in order to offer you a series of recommendations. We make every effort to send you this report within 24 hours.

What’s new in April 2022 in Rising Goal

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