What's new in FEBRUARY 2022 in Rising Goal?

A selection of new features that went live since our last product release

What’s new in February 2022 in Rising Goal

Focus on the strategy!

We’ve been talking about strategy for a long time at Rising Goal. And we finally got started! We have delivered the very first version of our strategy module.

We also continued to improve the user experience. And this time, we focused on the OKR detail windows, to make it easier to edit and view the OKRI (Objective, Key Result & Initiative) details.

Let’s take a closer look:

The strategy Module

Communicate your strategy

We have implemented the very first version of our strategy module.

This module will soon be enriched with links between Strategy and OKR. And to help you design your strategy visually, we will offer templates in the whiteboard tool.

But let’s first see what we’re offering right now:

The model is based on the strategy model we’ve defined here. This model includes the concepts of mission, vision, values, focus areas. And especially goals which will make the link with the objectives.

Overview of the strategy module with the example cited in this article..

Different levels of strategy

You can define your strategy at different organizational levels. Starting with the corporate level of course.

At the department level, it is mandatory for the business units which will decline their strategy according to the group’s strategy. But it is also useful for service or product departments. For example, a CPO with multiple product teams will define the product strategy at this level.

Finally, a team can also define its own strategy, in the case of a small product team.

Strategic level

User Experience

OKRI Detail 

Thanks to Anne-Sophie, our UX designer, we continue to improved the user experience. In january, we focused on finding the right balance to simply explore company OKRs. This month we have worked on the OKRI detail windows. But it’s not just about UX, but also about self-discovery and accessibility.

What’s new in February 2022 in Rising Goal

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